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Whirlpool UltraEase™ In-Line Refrigerator Filtration System

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Product description

Receive filtered water from your refrigerator with our hassle-free WHARSS5 filtration system. The WHARSS5 Whirlpool UltraEase™ In-Line Refrigerator Filtration System is a hassle-free and versatile water filter that can be installed in nearly every fridge. The patented UltraEase™ connection makes changing out the water filter for your refrigerator line simple. One quarter rotation is all it takes for your water’s filtration to continue for another 6 months. This water filter for your refrigerator line is made in the U.S.A. and will protect you and your family from unwanted contaminants such as atropine, chlorine, cysts and lead.

  • Household Size: All
  • Contaminant Reduction: Chlorine, Particulate Class I, Cyst, Lead, Atrazine, Lindane, Turbidity
  • Filter Life: 6 months

Technical Specifications

The Whirlpool UltraEase™ In-Line Refrigerator Filtration System is your easy-to-install solution for fresh tasting water straight from your fridge. It’s built for convenience and simplicity. Here is what makes it that way:

UltraEase™ Filter Replacement: Save time with the easy replacement process for the In-line Refrigerator Filter. All it takes is a quarter turn to release the filter and install a new one. You don’t need to turn your water supply off when replacing your filter.

1-Year Limited Warranty: You can return to your fridge time and time again for fresh, pure water knowing your In-line Refrigerator Filter is protected by our 1-year limited warranty*. Factory warranty may be extended to a lifetime warranty with recurring purchases of Whirlpool WHARSF5 replacement filter cartridges — click here for details.

Do-It-Yourself Installation Instructions: Get set up in minutes with the Whirlpool UltraEase™ In-Line Refrigerator Filtration System’s easy-to-read, step-by-step installation manual. The kit comes with one filter and the hardware you need to start enjoying filtered water from your refrigerator. For a complete list of parts included with your purchase, review the owner’s manual.

American Pride: Take pride in knowing you’re endorsing an American product when you buy an In-line Refrigerator Filter that was designed, engineered and assembled in the United States of America.

6-Month Filter Life: Take assurance in knowing you only have to replace your filter every 6 months. It’s essential you replace your filter twice a year to receive optimal performance from your water filter.

NSF Certified Contaminant Removal: Having an NSF Certified product means that your Whirlpool UltraEase™ In-Line Refrigerator Filtration System meets the rigorous standards of the National Sanitation Foundation. For a product to achieve this high standard, it must go through extensive and thorough testing that complies with the NSF’s safety standards.

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