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Morton M30 30,000 Grain Water Softener

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Product description

The Morton Premium 30,000 Grain Water Softener provides soft water for your entire home, protecting you and your investment from scale buildup, shortened appliance life, increased utility bills, dulled linens and itchy skin. This compact, true softening system works best for single family homes with 1-5 people and average water hardness levels.

The Premium 30,000 Grain Water Softener uses the same softening technology that all Morton Water Softeners come with, demand-initiated regeneration with ‘Look Ahead’ Technology. This feature alone allows Morton Water Softeners to use up to 50% less water than some other brands during the regeneration cycle.

  • Ideal Household Size: 1-5 people
  • Hardness Reduction Level: 95 grains per gallon
  • Clear Water Iron Reduction: 7 parts per million
  • Contaminants Reduced: Calcium, Magnesium & Clear Water Iron

Technical Specifications

Morton’s Premium 30,000 Grain Water Softener is a compact, high-efficiency water softener with all the essential features. Discover what makes this system an economical option for most households:

Household Size: Ideal for medium to large households, the M30 reduces up to 95 gpg (grains per gallon) of water hardness and up to 7 ppm (parts per million) of clear water iron.

‘Look Ahead’ Technology: This high-efficiency feature learns your family’s water usage pattern and predicts your future soft water needs. Combined with demand regeneration, you’ll get exceptional performance and maximize salt and water efficiencies.

High Flow Valve: Maintains water pressure throughout the home, even with multiple water-using devices in use, like your showers or appliances. System can be connected with up to 1” plumbing.

Easy Set Up and Use: Fully automatic electronic controls make set up and use of this system easy. For times of heavy water use, manage your soft water needs with optional ‘recharge tonight/tomorrow’ feature.

NSF Certified: This third-party certification proves this product has undergone extensive testing and complies with the National Sanitation Foundation’s safety standards. The M30 is NSF certified for hardness reduction and efficiency.

Comprehensive Warranty: The M30 comes with a manufacturer’s 1-year warranty on parts and 10-year warranty on the mineral and salt storage tanks. 1-year parts warranty can be extended up to 5 years by using Morton MWSC Water Softener Cleanser. See owner’s manual for warranty details.

Do-It-Yourself Installation Kit: Installation of the M30 water softener is simple with a do-it-yourself kit that includes a custom fit bypass valve and detailed instructions. To get started, you will need to purchase the necessary connectors for your plumbing, inspect the included installation kit and locate a nearby 110V electrical outlet and a drain. For a complete list of parts included in the installation kit, review the owner’s manual.

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