NEW! Brita Total360
Water Filtration Systems
Designed to fit seamlessly under your sink, the Brita Total360 dual and triple-stage
filtration systems are two of the most powerful systems available. Discover the total
difference a Brita Total360 system can make throughout your home.
Under Sink Filtration
Discover How Hard, Unfiltered Water Impacts Life in Your Kitchen.
Hard, unfiltered water can have many negative effects in a kitchen. This interactive video shows you the ways hard water might be impacting your cooking, baking and cleaning.
The Nagging Effects of Hard Water on Your Skin and Hair
Hard water makes your skin feel tight and your hair feel dull. Learn about what it’s doing to your personal hygiene and what you can do about it.
Tips & Tricks for Taking Care of Your Water Filtration System
Filter changes, system maintenance, proactive steps to take to keep your water running healthy — learn to do it all with this guide on how to take care of your filtration system.