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EcoPure 31,000 Grain Water Softener

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Product Description

Hard water headaches can be complicated. The EP31 31,000 Grain Water Softener can be shipped to your home for free and solve your hard water issues before they start. This water softener can be quickly installed and start working the same day so you can forget about your dry skin and hair issues caused by hard water. The EcoPure EP31 31,000 Grain Water Softener is the perfect system for families of 1 to 4 who are searching for a dependable solution to soften their water. This system will help extend the life expectancy of water-using appliances by letting them run more efficiently. It’s also the go-to solution for stopping mineral stains from appearing around sinks and showers.

  • Household Size: 1-4+
  • Hardness Removal Level: High (95 grains per gallon)
  • Iron Removal: 8 parts per million
Calcium Magnesium Manganese Iron
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Technical Specifications

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