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Whole Home Iron Filter

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Product description

Treat unsightly stains in your showers, toilets and sinks from pesky iron with this whole home iron filter system. Designed to filter all the water throughout your home, this iron filter will reduce red water iron, clear water iron, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) and manganese helping to eliminate reddish brown stains from red water iron, yellow brown stains from clear water iron, black stains from manganese and rotten egg smell from hydrogen sulfide.

This system can be installed before a water softening system for a complete iron and hard water reduction solution.

  • Household Size: All
  • Contaminant Reduction: Red water (ferric) iron, clear water (ferrous) iron, hydrogen sulfide, manganese

Technical Specifications

This whole home iron filter treats iron stains throughout your entire home. Read on for a list of all the features in this system:

Reduces Discoloration and Unpleasant Smell: Reduces reddish-brown staining caused by red water iron, yellow-brown staining caused by clear water iron, rotten egg smell caused by hydrogen sulfide, and black staining caused by manganese. Reduces up to 15 PPM (parts per million) clear water (ferrous) and red water (ferric) iron, up to 2 PPM hydrogen sulfide, and up to 5 PPM manganese.

No Disposable Filters Needed: This whole home iron filter is a specialty tank system that treats your home’s water without the use of disposable filters.

Fights Reemergence of Iron: The feeder tank will need to occasionally be refed with potassium permanganate as a regenerant. This can be purchased at most hardware stores.

Made to Fit Existing Plumbing: 1-inch male NPT plumbing connections and commercial-size valve for up to 1-¼ inch plumbing. Requires an electrical outlet and a nearby drain.

Installation Kit Included: Includes custom fit bypass valve, drain line, installation fittings and a written installation guide. Once you’ve purchased the necessary connectors, inspected the included installation kit, and found access to a 110V outlet and a drain, you’re ready to get started.

Comprehensive Warranty: Manufacturer's warranty includes 1-year parts, 3-year electronics and control valve body, 10-year mineral tank, as well as access to our technical support team to assist you prior to, during and after installation.

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