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Whirlpool Pro Series Hybrid Water Softener/Whole Home Filter

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Product Description

The 2-in-1 Pro Whirlpool hybrid water softener and filtration system is your solution for producing softer, filtered water throughout your home. This all-in-one water softener removes hard water minerals and harmful contaminants from your drinking water. The 31,000-grain capacity is perfect for homes with up to 5 people. The water softener and filter combo system demand-initiated regeneration technology uses 25 percent less salt and water, saving you time and money. The water in your home will not only become noticeably softer, but your water also won't smell or taste like chlorine. You will also save time by not having to replace the filter. The WHESFC water softener and filter system flushes and drains its internal filter automatically, and you can get it shipped to your home for free.

  • Household Size: 1-5
  • Hardness Removal Level: 120 grains per gallon
  • Iron Removal: 3 parts per million
  • Contaminants Reduced: Chlorine Taste & Odor, Sediment, Calcium, Magnesium & Iron

Technical Specifications

The Whirlpool WHESFC Pro Series Hybrid Water Softener/Whole Home Filter was engineered to save you time. It’s also packed with features that will help your water become as healthy as it can be. Hard, contaminated water will be a thing of the past with this whole house water filter and softener system.

Demand Regeneration Technology: For water softeners to work, the regeneration function needs to run smoothly. When regeneration happens on demand, you will save not only water but 25 percent of your old salt usage. This water softener hybrid system softens water as you use it, saving you trips to the store to get salt.

Reduce Chlorine Taste: The built-in filter in the Pro Series Hybrid cuts the unpleasant taste and smell of chlorine from your home’s water.

2-Year Full Parts and Labor Warranty: This all-in-one water softener system has a 2-year full parts and labor warranty with an additional 3-year electronics warranty. These warranties can be extended to 10 years when you use Whirlpool WHE-WSC Water Softener Cleansers. Learn more by registering your product on Whirlpool's website.

6th Sense® Technology: The Whirlpool Hybrid Water Softener system can save you money when you automatically set how much water you will need throughout the day. Older models have a fixed amount of salt used per day to softener your water. Don’t waste it when you don’t need it.

Never Replace the Filter: The WHESFC Pro Series whole house water filter and softener cleans and drains its internal filter automatically so you don’t have to purchase expensive replacement filters.

Low Salt Light: The Whirlpool hybrid water softener will tell you when salt is low by turning on a light. The guessing game on your system’s salt level is over.

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