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Brushed Nickel Faucet with Air Gap

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Product Description

Part #: WHEFSAT. This air gap faucet features a designer brushed nickel finish. For use with under sink systems that require a faucet with an air gap. An air gap is required for filtration systems that have a drain and prevents the any potential backflow of drain water from entering the filtration system. Can be used with Brita Total 360 BRDROS system, EcoPure ECOP30 system, and Whirlpool WHER25, WHAROS5 systems that require an air gap faucet. While an air gap is not required for these systems, this faucet can also be used with Brita Total 360 BRDWPS, BRDTSS, Whirlpool WHADUS5, WHAMBS5, WHEMBS4, and EcoPure ECOP40, ECOP20 systems.

Technical Specifications

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