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EcoPure EPOR Replacement O-Ring + Kit

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Product Description

Do you need replacement O-rings for your EcoPure filtration systems? If you’ve recently changed filters and noticed damaged or wear and tear on your current O-Ring, then it’s time to buy and install a replacement. Old or damaged O-rings should be replaced to keep your filter from leaking. Fix your filter before water leaks damage your cabinets and flooring. This three-pack includes three brand new O-rings compatible with EPW4, EPW2, EPW2A, EPW2VC and EPU3 EcoPure Filtration Systems. It also includes a gasket lubricant to ensure the ring will stay in place during use. Compatible with these EcoPure Filtration Systems: EPW4, EPW2, EPW2A, EPW2VC and EPU3 Includes: 3 O-rings, 1 supply of gasket lubricant for tight seal

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