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EcoPure Premium Main Faucet Filtration System

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Product Description

The EPWPFF under sink water filtration system can be delivered to your home for free so you can enjoy the taste of safer drinking water. This system is an efficient way of delivering better-tasting water to your family inside your home and easily connects to your existing faucet in your kitchen or bathroom. This faucet filtration system doesn’t take up any additional space because it utilizes the pre-existing pipes and hooks up smoothly underneath your sink. The NSF certified faucet filtration system is compatible with most water sources, so if you’re receiving your water from a municipal center or well, you will eliminate the threat of potentially harmful contaminants from entering your drinking water. Chlorine, lead and other sediments that you can taste or smell will be greatly reduced. The encapsulated filter design means filter changes are quick and mess-free so you can continue keeping your family safe.

  • Household Size: All
  • Contaminant Reduction: Lead, Pharmaceuticals, Cysts, Chlorine, Sediment
  • Filter Life: 6 months
Reduces: Chlorine Cysts Lead Pharmaceuticals Sediment

Technical Specifications

The EPWPFF EcoPure Premium Main Faucet Filtration System provides great tasting water directly from your kitchen or bath faucet. The system has a variety of features:

Connects to Existing Faucet Easy installation — tubing connects the system to the existing water line and faucet.

6-Month Filter Life A 6-month filter life ensures you only have to replace your filters twice a year to properly maintain the functionality of your system. This system uses EPWPRF filters.

Do-It-Yourself Installation Instructions The system comes complete with one filter, the hardware and a step by step installation guide for quick and simple installation.

1-Year Factory Warranty A 1-year limited factory warranty is offered for the EPWPFF EcoPure Premium Main Faucet Filtration System. Factory warranty may be extended to a lifetime warranty with recurring purchases of EcoPure EPWPRF replacement filter cartridges.

NSF Certified Contaminant Removal The NSF certification proves this product has undergone extensive testing and complies with the public health and safety standards maintained by the NSF. Testing is done regularly to ensure products continuously uphold the NSF standards.
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