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EcoPure Pleated Whole House Replacement Water Filter

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Product description

This universal filter is your home’s first defense against harmful contaminants that impact the longevity of your household water-using appliances. This EcoPure EPW2P filter reduces sand, silt, rust, and sediment down to less than 30 microns for cleaner, clearer water across your household. Ideal for both municipal and well water supplies, this filter works with many of the leading whole home filtration system brands, including EcoPure model EPW2VC, EPW2V, and EPW2.

  • Contaminants Reduced: Sediment, Sand, Dirt and Rust
  • Filter Life: 3 Months
  • Micron Rating: 30 Microns
  • Universal Filter
  • NSF Certified Contaminant Removal

Technical Specifications

EcoPure Pleated Water Filters (EPW2P) are NSF International certified to reduce sediment, sand, dirt and rust down to 30 microns.

Contaminant Reduction: Sediment, Sand, Dirt and Rust.

3-Month Filter Life: Filters should be replaced every three months for maximum results.

Universal Fit: Fits EcoPure model EPW2, EPW2VC, EPW2V and all major brands of standard capacity, whole home filtration systems, including Whirlpool, Omni, Culligan, Watts, Filtrete, 3M, GE and DuPont.

Easy Filter Changes: Quick and simple replacement with compatible filtration systems.

Filter Subscription: You'll never have to remember to change your EPW2P filter. By signing up for a filter subscription on EcoPureHome, you can have your filters automatically sent to you as needed.

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