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EcoPure EPHS Whole Home Hybrid Water Softener & Filter in One

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Product Description

Solve two home water issues at the same time with a 35,600-grain water softener and filter combination system. The EcoPure EPHS water softener and filter has a hardness removal level of 100 grains per gallon and effectively removes the calcium and magnesium that leads to itchy skin, discolored laundry and other issues around the home. Additionally, an all-in-one softener and filtration system removes some of the most common tap water contaminants such as chlorine.

This 35,600-grain whole house water filter and softener is easy to clean and maintain. Simply pour the EcoPure EPCL water softener cleaner into the EPHS all-in-one water softener and filter every four months to keep things running smoothly. The system features demand-initiated regeneration, meaning it will only regenerate when hardness levels rise and your water usage requires it. This process results in significant salt and water savings.

  • Reduces: Chlorine Taste & Odor, Sediment, Radium, Barium, Calcium, Magnesium, & Iron

This EcoPure EPHS hybrid water softener is an exact-fit replacement for many Sears Kenmore water softeners. To ensure proper connection upon installation, you need to keep the old bypass valve from your Kenmore system. Please see the list below to determine compatibility. If not listed, please contact us and a specialist will assist you.

  • Kenmore 625.383000
  • Kenmore 625.383500
  • Kenmore 625.386200

For the best possible fit, we recommend replacing the Kenmore bypass valve with a new one. You can find a compatible replacement valve for your new water softener here: Bypass Valve 7345388.

NOTE: Due to variances in production and assembly, the EcoPure water softener valve height may vary by up to 1/2" from an existing water treatment system, including existing Kenmore or EcoPure models. This potential change in valve height will not affect system performance. 

Technical Specifications

The EcoPure EPHS hybrid water softener is an all-in-one solution that ensures pure, crisp drinking water at home. The product has a long list of features that improve performance.

No Filter Replacement: This whole house water filter and softener combo system does not use filters, so you never have to worry about installing filters throughout its lifespan.

Smart Regeneration: Demand-initiated regeneration means that your system will not waste water if you are away for an extended vacation.

Low Salt Indicator Light: The EcoPure EPHS water softener and filter system makes it easy to remember when to replace your salt. Simply pay attention to a small indicator light that will let you know when to refill.

NSF Certified Contaminant Removal: The National Sanitation Foundation has certified that this softener and filtration system meet stringent requirements for the removal of contaminants in drinking water.

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