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Brita Total 360 Sediment Reduction Whole Home Water Filtration System

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Product description

Keep fresh, great-tasting water flowing through your entire home with the Brita Total 360 Whole Home Water Filtration System. Perfect for all households, this Brita Total 360 whole home system is NSF International Certified to reduce sediment—a common water contaminant that can damage your home’s plumbing and water-using appliances if not taken care of. 

Designed with filters that feature innovative Flow and Capture Technology (FACT) media, which provides better filtration and longer filter life without affecting your home’s water pressure.

This water filtration system installs easily onto your incoming water line, and its unique pivoting design and mess-free encapsulated filter make filter changes fast and simple. Discover the difference a Brita Total 360 system can make throughout your home.

  • Household Size: All 
  • Reduces: Sediment
  • Filter Life: Up to 6 months

Technical Specifications

Brita Total 360 provides the advanced water quality you expect—now to every faucet in your home. Here are the unique features that make this system a great value:

Sediment Reduction
Sediment is a common water contaminant that can cause damage to water-using appliances and plumbing throughout the home. Help protect your home’s plumbing systems and expensive equipment with the Brita Total 360 Whole Home Filtration System that’s NSF International certified to reduce sediment.

Micron Rating
This Brita Total 360 Whole Home Filtration System uses the replacement filter BRWEFF that’s designed to reduce sediment in water as small as 5 microns. This will lead to less cloudy water when you pour a glass straight from the tap.

Maintains Household Water Pressure
With the Brita Total 360 Home Water Filtration System, your water pressure isn’t lowered, providing optimal performance to your water-using appliances, fixtures and plumbing.

Longer Lasting Household Filter
This system uses an innovative Flow and Capture Technology (FACT) filter which is manufactured to last 2x longer than the industry standard 3-month lifespan of other whole home filters. This Brita Total 360 filter will last up to 6 months before it needs replacing.

Ease of Maintenance
The system’s pivotal design allows you to change out filters without having to shut off your home’s water supply. The encapsulated design of the filter keeps the captured contaminants away from you and allows you to change the filter in and out without having to clean the sump.

Do-It-Yourself Installation Kit
This Brita Total 360 whole home filtration system comes with the filter housing and step-by-step installation instructions in the included installation kit. This system is simple to install and can be done quickly with a bit of DIY savvy and basic plumbing knowledge. For a complete list of parts included in your installation kit, review the owner’s manual.

Designed for Municipal and Well Water Supplies
Brita Total 360 whole home systems can be used for your home’s water whether you receive it from a city treatment center or a private well.

2-Year Warranty
This system includes a 2-year warranty on parts that can be extended to a lifetime warranty if you replace the system’s filters on a regular basis. See manual for details.

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