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Brita Total360 3-Stage Under Sink Water Purification System

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Product Description

NEW! The Brita Total360 under sink water purification system provides triple-stage filtration to your home’s water. The 3-filter design is one of the most thorough ways you can purify your home’s drinking water of contaminants such as lead, chemicals, bacteria, viruses and pharmaceuticals. The Brita Total360 3-Stage Water Purification System won’t waste water and is space efficient, as it fits under your sink. The BRDWPF replacement filters come in sets of 3, making it convenient to replace every 6 months.
  • Household Size: All
  • Contaminant Reduction: Sediment, Chlorine Taste and Odor, Bacteria, Viruses, Volatile Organic Compounds, MTBE, Cysts & Lead
  • Filter Life: 6 Months

Technical Specifications

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