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Kenmore® 350 Water Softener with High Flow Valve

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Product description

The Kenmore 350 32,000 grain water softener keeps soft water flowing through your home while keeping your home’s water pressure at a high level. This system is NSF International certified to reduce hard water minerals and will effectively reduce stains, scale buildup, and clear water iron. You’ll also notice positive changes with soft water, such as softer hair and skin, cleaner clothing, linens and dishes, and better appliance performance and plumbing. This whole home water softener system is easy to install and program. The IntelliSoft® Technology adjusts to your water needs, saving you money on salt, water and energy costs. Discover the difference a Kenmore system can make throughout your home. 

  • Household Size: 1-4 
  • Hardness Reduction Level: 90 grains per gallon
  • Clear Water Iron Reduction: 8 parts per million
  • Contaminants Reduced: Calcium, Magnesium & Clear Water Iron

The Kenmore 350 is a direct replacement for many older Kenmore Water Softeners. See list below for model compatibility. 

Product color may vary from photo color. 

Technical Specifications

The Kenmore Water Softener with High Flow Valve is equipped to provide soft water throughout your entire home while maintaining your water pressure. Discover the features that make this system a great choice for homeowners. 

Household Size
Great for households of 1-4 people, this 32,000 grain system removes up to 90 gpg (grains per gallon) of water hardness and up to 8 ppm (parts per million) of clear water iron.

IntelliSoft® Technology
Designed with convenience in mind, this system is built with intuitive technology that adjusts to your water needs, saving you money in salt, water and energy bills. Plus, you’ll never run out of soft water. 

Easy Setup & Maintenance
Simple to install and maintain, the Kenmore 350 is built with efficiency and ease of use in mind. No need to call the plumber. To get started, you will need to purchase the necessary connectors for your plumbing, inspect the included installation kit and locate a nearby 110V electrical outlet and a drain.

Salt Monitor & Water Flow Indicator
Get a better understanding of how efficiently your system is working. Easily monitor salt levels and how much water is flowing through the valve at any given time.

High-Flow Valve
This system provides normal water pressure throughout your home, including your faucets and showers, thanks to its high-flow ¾” valve.

Ultra-Cleansing Feature
This system features a screen that adds an extra layer of protection against large particles that can damage your water-using appliances and plumbing. 

Tank Light
This system includes a tank light that provides visibility to the inside of your system in low-lit areas.

Robust Design
Regardless of whether your water comes from a municipal supply or a private well, this system will reduce hard water minerals and clear water iron.

NSF International Certified
The 32,000 grain Kenmore water softener is NSF International certified to reduce hard water minerals.

Comprehensive Warranty
Trust that your system is built to last with a 1-year warranty for parts and labor, 3 years for electronics and 10 years for tanks.

Softener, bypass valve, installation kit and a written installation guide. For a complete list of parts included in the installation kit, review the owner’s manual.

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